Images from past works — In Fragments (2022), A Silent Place (2018), Balloons of Bhutan (2011), Today (2010), We Feel Fine (2006), The Whale Hunt (2007), The Gathering (2016), I Love Your Work (2013), Landscapes (1998)

Greetings —

I’m an artist and technologist inspired by the search for universal principles and patterns. I’ve worked with many different mediums over the years — from drawing and painting, to photography and documentary, to data visualization and platform design, to architecture and ritual.

I use this Substack to share updates on new work, along with occasional reflections on “art, life, and beyond” — hope you’ll consider following along!

— Jonathan

In the studio at High Acres Farm

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Reflecting on art, life, and beyond


Jonathan J. Harris

Artist, technologist, student of life