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Very moving. Generational trauma is a passionate interest of mine. It involves voluntarily entering a world of pain to transmute that pain on behalf of future generations. I salute you for your courage, your honesty, your artistry, your generosity.

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No One

So far....

The distances in a breath another breathed

Historic gestures among silk webs instants

Often too... so, dreamlike made we remain unaware

Fractal patterns sinews made man

Man's inflicted lessons scream of expanded time through touch screens

It is not a simple act


No... Not after all boyhood wonders now concrete knowledge

No.. Nor are the promises one makes in the seeping darkness

Undoing the Ghosts lasting deceptions

Rewinding the ways of man?


A lost cause as This was NOT you, though you may have lifted the loaded images set upon you.

No need to wonder how a stone parachute works

No, nor the silences keeping your hands cold to futures touch

There is a reason for death's endless beatings

Life Kaleidoscopes for every version doing its turn

and maybe... just maybe the strength to see your way clear of what was done to you

What acts we played with lingering spirits of ingrained passion then traded upon calm waters

Stages.. ALL.

A elemental fire

Seasons drifting moments

little map lines calloused on black tossed pebbles

Then equally imbued with a red cardinals flight

We may skip for a moment in the sun over deep waters

Forgetting our destination as if there was no such thing

Passing blithely.... Our individual paths gone like all the others.

Yet... We Ignite the mystery's so we may see our way clear.


Keep up the good works!

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I appreciated the details here, which we knew or inferred from the video. I also appreciated the study of mice. In my interview with Abenaki -- research for my novel -- they told me the same thing, that trauma -- theft of land, abuse, alcohol, discrimination, eugenics, racism -- "are part of our DNA." Funny how backwoods knowledge is often confirmed by scientific study.

Be well, friend. And thanks for your work.

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