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Right, get ready, I have a lot to say...

How do so many forms of energy co-exist in our planet? From matter to mass and plasma, we are connected with all spheres of existence on this planet and placed in the context of universe. That in itself, as part of our reality, tells us a lot doesn’t?

In all our history as conscious beings on this planet, all the rest of the creatures that are aware of our presence via the way it affects them, seem to have done more care-taking duties of these sources of energy, than we did overall with all our technological advancements.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that life out of balance?

In the dilemma of how you sustain life, within this reality we are living, there is a key balance. (And that life includes interplanetary existence and travel.)

Jonathan, you mention visualisation of a potential that acts as a magnet for us in working ourselves through it.

Is it every decision that we make or ignore factoring towards that vision, e.g. from the kind of coffee we choose, to the clothes we wear, to the micro-economy we support, to the global travel we engage, etc?

Are these choices all elemental forces for the synthesis of each one’s potential vision?

In my opinion, yes. So does that mean that not two journeys can ever be the same?

When it comes to this planet, everything could be fixed in terms of resources, if life wasn’t treated as a commodity. We all know we can end starvation globally, can distribute drinking water from sea water, heat and produce energy for all using alternative technologies, fertilise deserts by investing on quality of life for all on the ground.

So whatever’s stopping us won’t go away by escaping planets.

Yes I agree that the use of artificial technology will impact positively in the lives of those who can afford it, but at the same time I doubt how much will be the percentage of those who can afford free healthcare globally.

Yes I believe that implants inside our human bodies could give us choices that ultimate could save energy, time and resources, e.g from language translation, to fertility or mental health regulators but again who will be those humans taking part in this reality?

If you remember Jonathan, I come from a migrant family in Greece, that lived half their lives in an underground basement-with no windows- until they managed to save enough money and get out from that grave. My ancestors bought their right to be able to look at the stars from a window.

I wonder, would they ever stand a chance to afford interplanetary travel? Or would them or their descendants end up in Mars in another basement with no view again?

To look upon the stars without looking at the fingers pointing at them is a principal for unity I agree. Unfortunately we aren’t all standing equally upon this earth and as a consequence of that, any equalitarian vision of a beginning of a settlement in another atmosphere, is preconditioned to fail, from whichever planet you look at it.

Elon Musk is a visionary that already demonstrated the impact of his will. But, I would feel more inspired by his will if he would engage a think tank of middle aged women, in a global group of random disillusioned conformists and invest to earth based disaster management projects, health social welfare and global mobile infrastructures, parallel to the interplanetary missions.

When you talk to him, tell him to call me 🤙🏼; (I advice free of charge).

And let us remember the Hopi prophecy once again: ...

‘When the grandmothers speak,

the world will be healed. ‘

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My Mother had a long 97 years.

She had no clue of the elitist views .

Her universe was thankful for the new technology that helped her ( fridge. Washing machine, car that drove her to shopping, telephone to talk to family. ) She also enjoyed Spring flowers, quiet church , a laugh with a friend.

Jonathon, you touch on this a bit while your 2 examples are for the elite who who have the freedom to push the other view aside while using the world’s technology or those who reach for the skies while also using new contemplative seductions for inner peace.

Finding my Mother’s world for 8 billion humans is quite a huge challenge.


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Listened to this 5 episode documentary series on BBC Radio 4 today. I thought it sums it up well. https://www.pushkin.fm/show/elon-musk-the-evening-rocket/

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I feel manipulated by technology. A prisoner. I struggle and am easily manipulated. Distracted. But I just watched your film on my phone and was inspired. Eleni’s reply was inspiring. All at my fingertips.

I want my pre-internet brain back.

I want to live and die on earth. I want to go to the river and swim.

This was my favorite fragment….

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